q2_1Do I need to use a mask?

Not necessarily. If your skin is healthy and glowing, don’t waste your money.








How do you know when your skin is not healthy? Here’s an indication:


  • Your cheeks are dry and red, there might be little red bumps present in the area, these are typical indications of your skin becoming more dry and sensitive and crying out for help. Use hydrating masks to put water back into your skin. Calming botanical agents will comfort and soothe your angry skin.


  • Your T zones are super oily, you have to use tissues to absorb the oil when you touch up your makeup. Use clay based masks to absorb extra oil, deeply clean and purify overactive skin. Essential oil based active ingredients can kill bacteria and dry existing pimples and prevent future breakouts, leaving your skin smooth, supple and matte in appearance.



  • You don’t want to leave the house without wearing foundation and blush. This means your skin complexion needs to be improved. Use a revitalising mask, this will invigorate your tired looking skin, and return your healthy complexion within a minute. Natural active ingredients increase circulation to give sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to your cells.


  • You’re worried about premature aging and free radical damage. Use masks that release active ingredients that capture free radicals. The slow release of these agents will benefit your skin all day long.