videopic-01Do you know how to spot a liar?
According to researchers, liars use fake smiles to cover their discomfort. The best way to tell if a smile is fake is to look for a lack of movement of the muscles surrounding the outer corners of the eyes: the crow’s feet.

Well.. fake smiles may not only be a liar’s trade.

videopic-04How would you like to have younger firmer healthier glowing skin without going under the knife and without fear of risking the side effects of cosmetic injections?

videopic-05Do you want instant improvements with a healthy simple solution without spending a fortune?

Caradivina face fitnessIf you want an anti-aging treatment that brings you immediate results, is healthy, natural, safe and inexpensive, the CaraDivina Face Fitness program is for you.

videopic-07When body function is optimum, lymph capillaries collect toxins and skin metabolic wastes and flush them naturally from the body. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like the heart for arteries and veins.

videopic-08Therefore it depends on the body’s muscle movement and oxygen intake to become active.

6Junk food, lack of sleep and lack of exercise all contribute to bags and dark circles under the eyes, which result in a tired looking face.

aThe CaraDivina’s Face lift Massage begins with manual lymph drainage. This effectively removes body toxins, stagnant fluids and metabolic wastes.
The manual lymph drainage is complemented by a face muscle workout.
Invigorating massage erases tension, burns excess facial fat, and tones and shapes the face muscles.
You will be surprised to see how much lactic acid has accumulated under your face muscles over time.
Lactic acid causes blockages that prevent blood flow. It stops nourishment and oxygen from reaching skin cells, resulting in aging skin.

aaThere are many reflexology meridian points in the body, primarily in the face. It is so important to massage the areas on your face that reflect the other parts of your body.
By simply massaging acupressure points on your face your whole body will gain the benefits of healing and relaxation.

Acupressure massage will unblock and energise each meridian point resulting in the firming and lifting of your face.

aaaCaraDivina Face Fitness offers a 10 minute daily isometric face exercise as an easy and simple self care program in conjunction with the Face Lift Massage Salon Treatment to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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