I had a bikini wax when I was on holiday and my skin broke out. Do you think I’m allergic to the wax they used?




Yes it could be an allergic reaction. Something in the wax might not have agreed with your skin. There are other cases you need to be aware of that are causes of skin breakouts after waxing:


Ingrown hairs


1) Ingrown hairs occur when incorrect waxing methods are applied. The way to remove hair correctly is by applying the wax in the direction of hair growth and then removing the wax against it. When therapists disobey this rule, they snap the hair, and twist the hair follicles, causing ingrown hairs.

2) Dry skin. When your skin is very dry, dead skin cells grip onto the hair and makes it stubborn to remove. This will snap the hair and cause ingrowns.

3) Waxing aftercare. Some people have a tendency to get ingrown hairs because of the shape of their hair follicles. In this case you really have to pay attention to your skin exfoliation especially a week after waxing. Every day exfoliate the area in the shower and apply ingrown hair preventative products. Apply moisturiser to strengthen the skin.

4) Friction. Wearing tight jeans and underwear will increase the chances of getting ingrown hairs. To prevent this, wear loose clothing when the hair is about to grow out.


Cross Infection


Be aware that after hair removal your skin is open for a couple of days.

1) Touching with the fingertips, going to the gym and sweating, putting stockings back on straight after waxing can cause infection of hair follicles after waxing.

2) Unhygienic waxing treatment.


Regardless of whether you have a problem after waxing, always apply an antiseptic solution for a few days on your skin to prevent any of these cases. For example tea tree cream, aloe vera gel, or any antibacterial cream from a pharmacy. And moisturise and exfoliate your skin. This also makes hair removal easier.


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