q4_1I’ve been overplucking my brows, there’s not much left. Help!


Sorry. In this case patience is the only answer. I understand the impulse to remove annoying regrowth. However it takes 3-6 months to correct eyebrows.




In the meantime you must not tweeze. Tweezing snaps the hair and each time you tweeze you are causing hair to grow back at different lengths. When you come back for a wax, the only hair you can remove properly will be less than 30% and you will see regrowth the very next day. How are you going to get out of this vicious cycle?


Here’s your answer:

Be patient. And have a plan. Beauty doesn’t come easily. No pain no gain.


Here’s a plan that really works:

When you come, ask for a consultation. We will analyse your hair type and the frequency of regrowth and the ideal shape. In the meantime you can use eyebrow gel, powder and ink, eyebrow combs and eyebrow serums. There are many tricks to fill out the gaps to make your brows manageable until the next appointment. After your second brow wax, I guarantee you will see you’ve made great progress. There are so many happy clients raving about their new eyebrows since they’ve visited Cara Divina.


Eyebrow transformation at CaraDivina










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