Many years ago when I was learning beauty therapy, with an enthusiasm, I would scan everybody’s faces on the street, and in my mind I would practice the skills that I was taught. My attention fell on Sarah, a 17 year old girl who lived next door. Sarah was a shy girl who had difficulty maintaining eye contact during conversation. She walked as she wasn’t comfortable with her growing body which she held slightly hunched over. She had a pale face, strawberry blonde hair that she wore down, and between light blonde eyelashes and eyebrows her sparkly blue eyes shyly shone across her gentle features. She had long luscious hair, a slender waist, long legs like a model, and I thought, ‘You really don’t know how pretty you are!’


“Drop by my house and I’ll show you something that will give you a surprise,” I said to the 17-year-old shy girl.

At my house her transformation began. First I cleaned up the hair between her eyebrows, and trimmed the arch to flatter her face shape. Then I coloured her eyebrows a light brown to suit her blonde hair. I dyed her eyelashes which were originally invisible, darker to bring out the colour of her blue eyes. Afterwards I painted her eyelids in pink and cinnamon to contour her eyes. When I highlighted the inner corner of her eyes in pearl, her eyes lit up like a fairy’s. I touched cherry pink lip gloss to Sarah’s dry lips. Now Sarah’s pretty face was like a model’s in a magazine. Sarah’s beauty was revealed in a simple transformation.


I gave her a mirror to look at her face, and having an introverted nature, Sarah was silent.
Sarah’s mum asked me the next day. “What did you say to Sarah? She locked herself in her room and cried all day.” We realised later that Sarah was so overwhelmed by her transformation and it took her time to internalise it.


Over time Sarah grew out of being hunchbacked. She stood straighter. She stopped hiding her face behind her hair and began to smile at people. A few months later she changed her hairstyle, started wearing skirts and high heels. After a while, she got a new job, went to uni, got a boyfriend. Later she travelled across Europe alone.


I don’t think that timid Sarah became active and outgoing because I showed her a few beauty tips. During a critical and uncertain period in her life as she transitioned into adulthood, I contributed to her self discovery by simply enhancing a few features on her face, something that she looks at everyday. I showed her a better version of herself and this simple transformation became a kickstart to her new successful life. I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting many Sarah’s over the run of my career, young girls who looked like they were sent to me by their mums, and I’m happy to have being a part of their growth in life, transforming like caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies.


Making one’s face beautiful is only one of the many skills we are required to learn on our path to a successful life. A woman’s desire to preserve youth and look after her appearance is a healthy instinct. When men go through a breakup they drink; women go to beauty salons and pamper themselves. A facial is a cleansing ritual to remove and to erase. Manicured fingernails help to reach out towards new endeavours. Simply changing the colour of lipstick brings about a bright new outlook and give confidence to face a new life.


I have a background in Fine Arts and I have taught across a range of Sydney’s beauty institutes, and now I’m operating Cara Divina Face Fitness.