Face Lifting Massage

I first started coming to Cara Divina when my son bought a voucher for my birthday. Since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve been coming for the Face Lifting Massage and I was so surprised with the result.
After the first treatment when I walked out of the shop my face felt so light, as light as a feather. Then after a few more sessions my face felt tighter, my eyebrows had lifted.
A few weeks later I was skyping with my daughter who lives in Japan and she noticed my face had become smaller and my eyes looked bigger. Because I look at my mirror everyday I didn’t notice the change over a short period of time- and I was so happy because of what my daughter told me. And I was surprised over the difference- the big difference it has made to my face.
Everybody who hasn’t seen me for more than a month asks me what have I done to my face. I’m going back to Japan next month for a holiday. I will surprise everybody! – Chiemi

I went to my hairdresser after I had the Face Lift Massage at CaraDivina
A woman sitting next to me asked me whether I was wearing makeup. I said “just mascara. :)
The Face Lift Massage makes my skin look brighter. I don’t even need foundation!
Speaking of make up, I think I will get an eye make up lesson at CaraDivina in my next appointment. – Andrea

I love the Face Lift Massage at CaraDivina. The massage stimulates every cell on my face and neck. I don’t need facials any more! It exfoliates, cleans, nourishes… when skin cells are in optimum condition they do this themselves. As a trained beauty therapist I know this for a fact. One more thing, it’s great for sinus congestion. – Deanna


I have been a Client of Cara Divina for over two years and have found all the beauty treatments to be excellent – whether it is a brilliant manicure and pedicure, a magical facial or ensuring my eyebrows and eyelashes look fabulous. Young-Ju ensures the salon is run to a very high level of professionalism and caring. Young-Ju’s wealth and depth of knowledge covering all aspects of beauty treatments is amazing. I would highly recommend Cara Divina and can be contact as below. – Annie Williams
Mob: 0411 523 626

Hi Youngju, just wanted to say thank you. You are a perfectionist and a true artist. I love your service and make up techniques. I will definitely be back on a regular basis ;-) I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you Wed, 27th Feb. Warm regards. – Linda

Best of the Best

“I have tried almost every beauty salon imaginable within Sydney and nothing rates to the highest of standard quality, service, expertise, beautiful ambiance that Cara Davina offers. Young-Ju with her caring attention to detail offers the most relaxing, professional beauty treatments whether you are after a facial or a bikini wax her expertise and pampering are complete value for money. That’s why for almost three years I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, Cara-Davina is basically THE only beauty salon you will need.” – Maria

Allow yourself to be pampered by Young-Ju, who besides being highly qualified, has ALWAYS given me her unwavered attention and expertise – keeping in mind my regular and changing needs. I have been interstate and overseas over the last several years and have visited many other beauty therapists, but none have matched Young-Ju’s professonalism, expertise or attention to detail.
Whether its essentials like waxing, desirables like skin treatments or the self indulgence of body and head massage, all of the services provided at Cara Divina are simply top class! I will not forget the day when I first walked into Cara Divina (in search of the perfect beauty salon especially for eyebrows, since mine were seriously bad!) and very gingerly allowed Young-ju to wax and shape them and when I left that evening – I remember feeling absolutely fabulous and on top of the world! What a difference an eyebrow wax can make – and to top it a damn good one! Young-Ju had painstakingly sculpted mine to perfection and still does till date – with colleagues and friends enquiring where I got them done! She has turned me from an ordinary girl – into one with confidence!
Her salon has always had a lovely ambience,been excellent value for money and something to look forward to. I cannot recommend Cara Divina and each of Young-Ju’s services highly enough so try it for yourself. You will never want to go elsewhere ever again!
Congratulations Young-Ju for running a highly successful business and a huge THANK YOU for everything!
- Shonali

Attention to Detail

Young-Ju is an amazing woman with an incredible eye for detail. She also provides psychological services at no extra cost. The best in town ! – Angela

My waxing experience at Cara Divina was a very pleasant one. I’ve been to so many beauty salons in Sydney in the past. No other place except Cara Divina completely removes sticky wax residue from my legs. I hate finding black stains when I take off my jeans after waxing. I love the feeling of the hot towels after my leg waxing. Cara Divina offers exceptional service. – Emily

Must-have Facial

When you find a good beauty therapist you just don’t let them go!
After 6 years with Young-Ju, I have referred friends + work colleagues who still keep getting treatments from her today.
Treat yourself to one of her facials – they are a must! – Melissa Bowden

Best Wax – No irritations

My wife has owned a hair salon in Pyrmont for over 10 years. My sister in law also successfully runs her own beauty salon in Sydney.
Although I have all these services at my disposal, I much prefer Cara Divina’s treatment. I don’t know what she uses, or what she does differently, but my skin never breaks out after a wax!
If you would like to contact me, call me on 0411 026 686 – Con

I’m quite a chicken when it comes to waxing but I am always made to feel comfortable and relaxed when I visit this salon. The owner is friendly and uses the most gentle of products that my waxing experience is no longer a trauma filled one! – Nikki

Best Brow Wax

She is first and Foremost an artist, so she looks at sculpting eyebrows through that frame. There is a whole world of difference when you have artistic talent! -Natalie

I love my Eyebrows!!
Young-Ju at Cara Divina in Pyrmont is awesome!
She’s sculpted mine twice and I couldn’t be more pleased. She is meticulous. – Vogue Forums

Long lasting nail polish

What I love about Cara Divina’s manicures and pedicures are how long they last! I can be assured that the polish stays on for weeks without chipping. The therapist really takes her time with nail care and always provides helpful advices about how to look after my nails after the treatment.
-Cherrie Wilks

Painless Bikini Wax

I’m always travelling due to my work, and this makes me hesitant to try new beauty salons.
I walked in to Cara Divina fearing the pain of a bikini wax. The therapist reassured me that she was using the most gentle wax found on the market. Despite my fears< I walked out of the salon with painless experience and with smooth skin for many weeks. Now that I am going back to America, I wish I could Cara Divina with me. - Vanessa Carol

Punctual Appointments

A close friend complained to me about waiting over 20 minutes for her beauty salon appointment.
Since introducing her to Cara Divina, She was surprised that she never have to wait! -Jessica Leete

Excellent Value for Money

I first visited Cara Divina over a year ago and have been hooked ever since.
The treatments are excellent value for money and provided in a pampering and relaxing environment. I feel totally spoilt every time. – Jane Sutherland

Tranquil salon Ambience

As the buses hurl by the door
The peace inside is tranquility itself
Tinkling water cascades from the flowing fountain
And soft music lulles the senses
Cara Divina – is a name well suited
To the gentle girl who smooths cream onto your face
You will lie in complete luxury and never want to leave her place
Phone and make a booking – you certainly won’t regret it
For you will feel a million dollars as you go out and face the rat race.

It is always a delight to enter the door at Cara Divina for a beauty treatment. The salon blocks out the traffic noise with a tinkling waterfall and soft music produces an ambience of tranquility and healing.
-Barbara Mackay-Cruise

Each time I enter the tranquil Cara Divina salon, I feel soothed and relaxed at once.
An exceptional treatment completed the experience.
Cara Divina salon consistently delivers great service and outstanding attention to detail.
-Elizabeth Katrib

Weight Loss Coffee

I’m a mother of a one year old who had put on heaps of weight while pregnant. Although I lost a lot of the weight after the birth of my son, I just couldn’t seem to lose the last 8 kilos or so. All svelte I must say worked wonders for me by helping me lose inches. I’ve been using the coffee lite for the past two months and I feel great. The best part is how it has curbed my cravings for sugary items as I used to have a sweet tooth before!! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to fit back into their pre pregnancy clothes, like I did!! Also what made me want to buy it is that it is purely organic and hence has no side effects whatsoever!!
All in all, it has worked wonders in helping me lose those extra unwanted inches!!!
- Preeti Thomas

I started taking the coffee after my beautician introduced it to me a few months ago. I was not overweight at all but wanted to tone up a bit so I thought I’d give it a try. Being a lover of strong coffees I tried the black coffee to start and over the first few days I was shocked at the difference it made. I had so much energy and zest for everything, I never felt lazy and all my cravings, especially for sugar, disappeared. All the various ingredients gave me such a rush I felt almost high and I was able to focus really well on everything. Best of all my complexion brightened, I wasn’t tempted to eat anything unless I was actually really hungry and only had espressos etc when I want to savour the taste and the smell, I just didnt need the extra caffeine buzz. I lost a few kgs over the first month or so without thinking about it at all or worrying about how much I was exercising, I just got on with my daily affairs and felt really happy.
I have also tried the white/soya coffee and the green tea but the black coffee is my favourite by far, I take it with a bit of organic full fat milk. I look forward to it everyday! – Lara

I’ve been drinking Allsvelte lite coffee since 2.5months ago when my weight was 63kg. After the 1st month I lost 2kg without changing diet or exercise. Also I have realised the coffee gives me more energy, clears mind and improves concentration at work.
And most importantly, I didn’t have cravings for junk foods such as chocolates, chips and carbonated drinks and even I stopped buying take-away coffee that I would normally get in the afternoons.
With my odd working hours from 12.30-8.30, I don’t have time to properly exercise- I could not believe with only 1 cup of Allsvelte in the morning I’ve already lost a few kilos without any hassle.
Last time Young-Ju ran-out of stock and I didn’t have Allsvelte for a couple of days. Those few days made me so weak and low in energy. Nowadays I make sure I maintain a good supply of Allsvelte at home so my enjoyment of coffee drinking does not get interrupted.
Now with my weight only 58kgs I don’t want to stop drinking the great taste of Allsvelte. Andriana

Hyaluronic acid Serum

I have hormonal acne and very sensitive skin –prone to breakouts, redness, irritation and dryness. Since using the Hyaluronic acid treatment I’ve noticed that my areas of inflammation have calmed down and existing acne has cleared up much faster. At the same time my skin feels more plump and moisturised. I love its non greasy texture and the way that it glides on and absorbs quickly into my skin without leaving a sticky residue or clogging my pores- so important! And my skin feels so silky and supple afterwards! it has boosted my skin’s regenerative capacity- I’ve noticed that broken skin and scarring heals at an accelerated rate. – Margaret

Acne cream for Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. Due to my hormone imbalance, any product I used just seemed to aggravate my skin even more. Since using the propolis intensive cream, I noticed that the redness calmed down and my breakouts began to clear up. I recommend this cream to anyone with sensitive oily skin as it has been a real skin saver! -Jennifer Cutler

PQ10 Mask.

There has been a noticeable improvement in the texture of my skin after using the mask. My skin looks brighter and my pores became tighter. It makes my skin feel softer and firmer without leaving oily stuff like other anti-aging masks I’ve tried in the past . I will be buying more after I finish this box. I recommend to use this twice a week for best results. -Sunny

Sunscreen Moisturiser

I wore the sunscreen today to work, instead of my normal Chanel foundation!
It was amazing and light on the face, great coverage. My colleagues couldn’t tell the difference. Then I told them that it contained crushed diamonds and they rolled their eyes and called me princess. They don’t know that I take all their mockery as compliments! Ha Ha – Sally