Aging skin and Hyaluronic acid




What is Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic acid is a cutting edge cosmetic ingredient which is widely used in anti-aging products. Because of its name, a lot of people think it is a synthetic chemical and therefore is harmful to your skin.


Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural substance produced by fibroblast cells in our skin. A few years ago cosmetic companies extracted hyaluronic acid from the connective tissues of pigs. Nowadays there are more products made from protein molecules extracted from soya beans.


What does it do:

1g of Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 6L of water. For that reason the skin stays moisturised and firm thanks to Hyaluronic acid’s powerful water binding capacity.


Hyaluronic Acid cannot be produced without female hormones.


When the body is producing sufficient female hormones, the skin makes plenty of collagen and Hyaluronic acid. In this way women’s skin stays smooth and firm without wrinkles. We can say that female hormones are a natural cosmetic to women.


Here is a real question:

We can not stop chronological aging. Eventually female hormone production will diminish.


In the meantime our skin is getting thinner and drier with each day.


Have you noticed that when you smile your smile lines are getting deeper each year? Most people blame the sun.


Yes true. The sun destroys collagen and therefore contributes to premature aging. But we are talking about informed women who are already taking all the right steps to age gracefully.


Simple solution:

If  your Hyaluronic acid runs out, let’s put it back into your skin!


Some clever people will argue, “Wait a minute, Hyaluronic acid is water-based and skin is waterproof. There is no guarantee that it will reach the deep layer of the skin. My dermatologist said expensive skin care is a waste of money and a  simple moisturiser is good enough.” Yes I totally agree with that to a degree. If educated experts give me their advice on  an area in which I am unfamiliar, I will make no objections to that. But as a properly trained skin therapist I know pretty well these points below:


  • Dermatologists are trained to treat unhealthy skin. They may not be aware of today’s cosmetic’s cutting edge skin delivery system. For example:  Nano technology, encapsulating cosmetic ingredients, which have already been used for several years, and new induction devices such as the dermaroller and galvanic system which are very popular now.
  • Galvanic machines carry active cosmetic ingredients to the connective tissue layer.
  • The Dermaroller simply pushes active ingredients to the dermis where collagen and elastin fibers exist, while bringing fibroblast cells into the area being treated. In effect you’re repairing the house while you’re watering the lawn; hydrating and reconstructing damaged skin at the same time.
  • Interestingly a lot of doctors that I know are selling the exact same stuff being sold in spas and beauty salons, only under different labels.


Why complicate choices?

I would like to explain this with my personal experience.


Last year when I had a running injury I visited the following professionals and each professional gave me their own   point of view:


GP- anti-inflammatory tablet, Physiotherapist- suspension of exercise, anti-inflammatory medicine, Chiropractor- ongoing visits with the objective of correcting my lower back, Sport Massage Therapist- weekly removal of lactic acid, Acupuncturist- calming the angry nerves. My journey ended at the hands of an osteopath who checked my posture.


At the end I REALISED that one of my legs is longer than the other which resulted in a tilted pelvis due to my habit of putting my weight on one leg! So I have been seeing a personal trainer to activate my glutes.


It was like the Odyssey. Each professional gave me their own opinion which was heavily entrenched within their distinct framework. However to navigate pain free legs, I had to take charge of my own body and like the Odyssey, it could be misleading if I blindly followed their advice.


It’s up to you:

Most importantly nobody knows everything in this world. Let us use our common sense. I have seen so many cases in my professional experience. One bottle of Hyaluronic acid removes skin redness and itching, results that years of cortisone cream use could not deliver.


Hyaluronic acid binds skin cells with unique moisture leaving your skin hydrated from deep.


It makes your skin become more resilient against harsh environments. Therefore you will see a reduction in redness and in excess oil production. Most of all it helps the skin to function in a happy environment so your skin will get back its youthful glow.


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