q3_1What is the best cleanser for my skin? / Do I need a toner with a cleanser?



What to remove:
There are two parts to cleansing. One is removing water soluble particles such as dust, sweat and pollution. The other is removing oil soluble particles such as makeup, sunscreen, and oil secretion.


When to remove:
Cleanse at least twice a day. A lot of people say to me, because they don’t wear makeup, they only wash their face once a day. Think about it. While you’re sleeping, your skin secretes a lot of oil and makes dead skin cells. During the day our pores are clogged with pollution, dust and sweat. So we really need to cleanse twice a day, at least.


How to remove
Creamy cleansers are for dry and sensitive skin. Foaming cleansers are for oily and combination skin. In classic skincare routines, we often see cleanser paired with toner. In fact this is not really necessary. Back in time when there wasn’t much clean water available in Europe, they used to cleanse using heavy creams. They would wipe off the excess with gauze and then remove the residue with toner. So the purpose of the toner was to remove the cleanser. Therefore if you rinse off the cleanser, toner won’t be necessary.


Toner is often advertised as tightening pores. This is an instant astringent effect caused by alcohol evaporation which leads to drier and more irritable skin. When the skin is constantly irritated by harsh agents, it eventually secretes more oil as a protective mechanism. Misunderstanding the cleansing routine can lead to acne development. I won’t tell you what brand, but I’ve seen this happen so many times.


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