Why do I need Deep Cleansing Facial?


q1Good question. Healthy skin cells are reborn every 28 days.


Then what happens to old cells? They don’t just disintegrate by themselves. Our body is wonderfully designed to eliminate dead skin cells. All the layers of our skin push dead cells to the surface where they flake off. In the process these dead cells clog the entrances of hair follicles. Inconveniently, oil glands are located at the entrances of hair follicles.


So can you picture this; the dead skin cells are putting a lid on an oil pump, forming a plug. When this plug comes into contact with oxygen it turns black and becomes what we call a blackhead. It is unattractive but it won’t harm your skin drastically. However, while the pump has a lid on, underneath the oil is still flowing. Bacteria loves oil. Actually oil is their food. Bacteria will multiply, throwing a big party, having a good time. Then one day your oil pipe will explode like a volcano. This is a common pimple.


I imagine that you cleanse your skin well, both morning and night. And even exfoliate on a regular basis. But the skin is not as flat as a granite bench top. We can’t just wipe it off with cleanser for it to be completely clean.


In a Deep Cleansing Facial we soften and open the pores and remove the stagnant stubborn dead cells using professional grade products, and dissolve plugs with electrical beauty equipment. In this way we gently remove debris without breaking the skin. Afterwards we apply serum and mask and ampules to strengthen, nourish and comfort the skin to return it to a healthy function.


One more thing. Have you found that sometimes your skin is really taut and dry but at the same time oily? This is a typical scenario. Your expensive moisturiser is just sitting on your skin. The reason for this is that blackheads and stagnant skin cells are blocking the only passage into your skin. YOUR EXPENSIVE ANTI-AGING CREAM IS JUST SITTING ON YOUR SKIN BECAUSE THE DOORS ARE CLOSED. In normal application moisturiser is absorbed through hair follicles. When these are blocked, your skin becomes dry. And when you apply moisturiser on top, your skin can’t breath and becomes oily. Hardened blackheads sitting in your skin like stones block micro-circulation from carrying nutrients and oxygen, and this results in skin malnourishment, sallow skin colour, pigmentation, enlarged pores and slow wound healing.


To maintain optimum skin condition regular Deep Cleansing Facials in conjunction with home care program is recommended. Nothing fancy, a regular home care routine like daily cleansing and moisturising, exfoliate and mask 1-2 times a week. In this scenario when you find congestion and dry and oily patches on your face, this will be an indication that you need a Deep Cleansing Facial. Usually once a month.



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